Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zaretsky DNA Extraction

On May 09, 2008 US artist Adam Zaretsky visited our class giving an artist presentation and a Mutagenic DNA Extraction Lab. The emphasis was on utilizing kitchen grade materials to extract DNA from an un-nameable mix of ingredients containing DNA. Student's brought in a variety of samples including: liver, beets, corn, peas, and others. Through a series of simple protocols, the mutagenic DNA was extracted and collected by the group.

Congratulations! You have just completed a DNA extraction!

"DNA is a long, stringy molecule that likes to clump together. I should look similar to stale tapioca, fresh sperm or loose phlegm. In this form, DNA is considered by most educated biologists to be a protein (as in an organic chemical) totally inert and completely safe when it is not inside a cell’s ‘machinery.’ Do you believe that these Hybrid DNA samples are isolated and purified? Even if they are, does that make them safe? Do you think our samples are safe enough to lick? Why or why not?"

(excerpt from Zartesky Mutagenic DNA extraction protocol.)

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