Monday, April 7, 2008

Class Prep: 02 Tissue Culture

Hello All.

I am very pleased with our work last class. I feel we had a good introduction to BioArt in general, and a nice simple laboratory introduction as well.

We will have a visitor next week: Marie Pier Boucher. She is a PhD student from The University of Exeter. She will give a presentation: Transductive aesthetics: Bioart’s Ethics and Politics.

For next week, please do the following two readings:

Jens Hauser. "Bio Art – Taxonomy of an Etymological Monster" from Hybrid living in paradox: Ars Electronica 2005. Christine Schöpf, Gerfried Stocker. Edts. Ostfildern-Ruit, New York, Hatje Cantz: D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, 2005. p.182.

Catts, Oron, and Ionat Zurr. "Are the Semi-Living semi-good or semi-evil?" in Technoetic arts: an international journal of speculative research. Issue 1, 2003

They are available online at: (same as every week)

I will also post my powerpoint lecture from last week for anyone who would like a copy.

We will be starting at 1:15 every week to allow students to arrive form morning classes. On Friday we will be starting in the lab first. So please meet me in the front lobby at 1:15 sharp - and we will go to the lab together.

Otherwise, students who want to see their bacteria from last week under the microscope can meet at 11:00 am (also in the lobby) and I will take you in. If you ever get stuck locked out - you can always ask at the front desk for Anne Kinehuis - or myself (in Liesbeth van der Velden's office). And they will help you.

See you on Friday!


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Dewy van Tol said...

Here are some internet sites i'm interested in (microscopy and DNA music):

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