Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GFP Modification of Bacteria Lab.

I would like to take a moment to thank Akos Maroy for running the GFP lab last week.  I found it to be a very informative lecture and workshop, and it seem that all of you did too!  If you wish to see his blog posting of the event here is a link.  

We should also thank our special guests for their contributions to the group discussion, Lucas Evers (WAAG) and Danielle Hofmans (TAAG.) 

I popped into the lab a couple of days ago, and had a look at the results of our lab.  Most of the groups completed the genetic transformation correctly - though I saw one or two sets that did not seem to be successful.  Additionally, i was very pleased with the results we got utilizing the alternative vessels, and liquid Agar.  I will do some photo documentation of the results shortly.  Otherwise, I have some great pictures from the Akos' lesson that I will post today.

Enjoy your holiday!


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